I'm Dr. Leo Lafferty-Whyte PhD, Founder, Chief Inspiration Officer and Coach here at Triple H Coaching. Welcome to the first step in your journey to success!

My life goal is to leave the world a better place than when I entered it. By helping my clients achieve a better balance in their lives and succeed in ways they never dreamed possible I work towards it every single day.

What makes me qualified to coach you I can hear you asking? Well, in combination with my formal qualifications in Life Coaching, nutrition and personal trianing the key factor is Experience.

Life is a challenge and over the years I've had to find my own ways to work through it. I've lived through many of the challenges that people struggle with every single day:

  • Whether it be something big like:
    •  my health and fitness journey where I've lost (so far) 50 lbs, overcome self confidence and negative self image issues and allowed myself to achieve things I never thought I was capable of.
    • my career where I've worked from the bottom up to having managed teams in 3 time zones to exceed on expectations and smash their targets
    • overcoming challenges in my life that left me with PTSD, clinically depressed and with no idea where to turn.
  • or whether it be something small like:
    • overcoming my fear of heights
    • adapting to working from home full time

For the past 20 years I've guided and checked myself by using the Triple H principle and with Triple H coaching I'm offering you the opportunity to reach your potential by doing the same. I only take on a small number of select clients at one time so that I can focus my attention on their needs 110%. Could you be the latest to join the Triple H family?

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I look forward to working with you and seeing you succeed!