Nutrition Coaching & Personal Training

  • Do you want to:
  • Lose fat?
  • Gain Muscle?
  • Feel confident?
  • Eat your favourite foods? (No banned foods, sins or judgements)
  • Be allowed to drink alcohol? (If you want to)
  • Fit in exercise to your busy life?
  • ....then you've come to the right place!

Leo's story and why he can help you achieve your goals.

I was always the chubby kid at school. That transferred into the chubby student and adult. I lacked confidence and had decided that a six pack was something that only crazy gym addicts could achieve. I was wrong.

Over the course of a year a went from fat to fit, losing 26 kgs (~57 lbs). Don't believe me? Here's the evidence.

I ate ice cream everyday. Burgers and fries whenever I felt like it. I wasn't working out like a crazy person. In fact I worked out at home and only 3-4 times a week for 30-45 mins. I'd found a personal training system that made it possible both to live a fun life and look good while doing it. I just kept saying I wish I'd found it sooner.

So what's the trick? Understanding yourself and matching your macronutrients to those preferences and needs. A little bit of planning (using apps that make it super simple) and you can effectively eat (yes and drink) whatever you like whilst still losing weight.

Yeah, yeah - you lost a bunch of weight. I've done that before and put it all back on. So have I. I've tried every diet fad going over the years and always looked forward to it "ending". When you're eating whatever you want you're not on a "diet" and it doesn't end.

However life does get in the way. It happened with me too. In 2017 I had some serious health issues that stopped me from being able to train or manage my own nutrition. PTSD related depression and anxiety made it impossible. So what did I do? I focused on getting well. I worked on my mental health first and then refocused on my physical weight and appearance once I was ready. I thought I'd try the same system again when I was ready.

Guess what? It worked. So I'd gone from fat to fit to fat to fit. The usual yo yo. What was different now though? I was mentally stronger. I was experienced with how to manage mental health conditions as well as physical health and have a better understanding of how the two work together.

My own experience wasn't enough though. I wanted to share this with the world. After all if I could do it then anyone can! I went off and got my nutrition and personal training qualifications and am now pleased to add these services to the already successful Triple H Coaching offerings.

So are you struggling to get the body you deserve? Sick of yo yo diets? Want to eat your favourite foods whenever you like and still meet your goals? Then lets work together and get you there. Afterall: