THC 4 Week Weight-loss Meal plan

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Do you struggle to work out what to eat when?

Is a “if it fits your macros” style eating plan just too much to cope with?

Still want to lose weight and feel awesome?

Now you can!


Our new 4 week meal plan is designed around the ideal macro balance for weight loss and is the meal plan that Leo himself used to lose 26Kg in 1 year!

The plan is designed to allow batch cooking of lunches and dinners but also offers the flexibility of knowing what calories you’re shooting for each meal if you are “forced” to go out for dinner or some such unforseen hardship.

That’s not the best bit though!

It includes PIZZA & COOKIES!

You read that right! P-I-Z-Z-A and C-O-O-K-I-E-S!

We’re not talking some weird cardboard diet Pizza either. A shop bought scrummy pizza and Chocolate chip cookies!!

The entire package includes:

  • 3 meals per day plus snacks for 4 weeks
  • A weekly shopping list (excluding seasonings, herbs & spices)
  • A weekly quick reference guide to the meals to allow you to see what is coming up at a glance

You can download and run with the standard plan or email us on with proof of purchase, your weight and sex and we will customize the quantities to super charge your success – FREE OF CHARGE!

We also offer a custom meal plan design service where we can include your favorite foods and/or dietary requirements such as Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc. Just email us to discuss your requirements and we will get to work.


1 review for THC 4 Week Weight-loss Meal plan

  1. triplehcoaching

    Gordon lost 6kg (~13lbs) in 1 month just by following the plan! :


    Does what it says on the Tin!
    I came to Leo with a very specific set of requirements. Which were that I wanted to get down to 75kg in weight from 83kg. (I am doing this for my Rock Climbing hobby).

    I was looking for a set meal plan and,
    I wanted it to be easy and simple with meals that I could batch cook and prepare in advance.

    I am very pleased . After one month of following the plan, I have managed to get down to 77kg. For me, that is excellent progress and I can see myself achieving my target weight in the next month (even with it being Christmas!).

    Best things about it: It takes a lot of the hassle from planning and thinking about it. I literally just follow the shopping list and meal plan and I don’t have to worry about counting calories or anything like that. (I hate that kind of thing).
    The meals are balanced and leave me feeling full and satisfied.
    Snacks are included 

    Positives about Triple H coaching and Leo: Very responsive and very positive. Happy to help me make any tweaks to the meal plan. Unlike some places that take your money and disappear Leo is always following up and checking in.

     Highly Recommend! ”

    Gordon Brown, Glasgow (see review on the Triple H Coaching Facebook page)

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