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I know what a struggle recovery from mental health crisis can be. I am a PTSD survivor who fought his way through depression and anxiety back to a full, happy and healthy life. You can too.

Alongside medical treatment my true breakthrough into recovery came when I realised how linked mental and physical health are. During crisis I had gained several stone and this only added to my low self worth and confidence. My journey back to physical health had ups and downs, it required trial and error. I finally cracked it though. A balance of good nutrition, gentle exercise and life satisfaction assessment/realignment was what I designed.

You don’t have to go through that trial and error though. I have designed a special 12 week program to help you introduce these elements to your day to day recovery routine alongside your medical support. This program includes:

Unlimited email and chat support direct from Leo – 24/7
Weekly video call or face to face (location dependent) check ins and updates

100% personalized Nutrition plan
100% personalized Fitness Training Plan
100% personalized Life satisfaction assessment & goal achievement framework

Membership to the exclusive Triple H Family VIP “Stronger Always” Facebook group: chat to your peers, ask questions, share knowledge, support and cheer each other on or just show off your results! 😉

Weekly live group video calls: Leo will run a live weekly stream on Facebook with a topic voted for by the VIPs, with Q&A and banter

These programs take a lot of focus and support from me so I can only offer a limited number at once. Places will therefore be very limited. Upon completion of the program you will also receive a 50% discount on ongoing maintenance and support plans should you need them.

Grab yours before they are gone and let’s work together to get you back on track.

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